Founder and visionary of 5IVEFACE Clothing, Tristan Adisa, was inspired to start his clothing brand to help promote equality and peace in a world where that is not always a certainty. To give hope, to spread love, to share positive energy - and look awesome as you do it.


When you wear 5IVEFACE you are standing tall in the face of adversity, you are the strength for those who are not strong enough to fight, you are the light for those in darkness,the power to be the change and most of all The Unity we seek.


Ancient mythology has always celebrated the number five as a number that represents change, power, and unity. It is commonly referred to as the number of humanity - human beings have five fingers, five toes, five appendages (including the head), five senses, five major systems of the body. The number five is independent, it is versatile, it is a rebellion. 5IVEFACE is taking all the greatest elements of this number, bringing it back to basics and creating something better.


Combining the number five with human emotion and anatomy Adisa created the brand 5IVEFACE to remind us of the beauty of our own emotions, to turn negatives into positives and to stand together in power and in unity, to change the world for the better, for the many, not the few.


No matter your sex,beliefs,or ethnicity - 5IVEFACE was created for you.It created to inspire you to keep going forward on this great journey that we call life and going steadily towards doing your share to make this a better world. Strive high for what you believe in. Unite with like minded people. Embrace your truest emotions, follow your strongest beliefs.


Be part of something bigger, set the example, represent every single time you leave the house, by wearing your favorite 5IVEFACE products with pride.


We are the change.

We are the future.

We are the power.

We are 5IVEFACE.